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A duel shooter that will leave you breathless!

Set in a post-apocalyptic future earth ravaged by nuclear war with the remnants of humanity struggling for survival, Oddland sees players take on the role of the Oddlander, an enforcer reminiscent of the gun slingers of the American Wild West, trying to establish law and order in a lawless world now overrun by brainless mutants, cold-bloodied thugs and oppressive factions controlling the last remaining resources.

Gamelab Nomination 2013: Best music and sound


  • Become the Oddlander:
  • 25 territories, 5 different factions, defeat them and restore the law in Oddland.
  • Discover all the game battles and events:
  • Mutant and Boss Duel, Survival, Stealth and Rescue Mission, Odd 23 Card, Game, Sharpshooting Contest
  • Customize your character the way you like it:
  • Choose your weapon, armor, clothing, hair, face, skin… Be one-of-a-kind!
  • Social:
  • Beat the best online duelists and raise your stats in the world ranking.
  • Share your achievements through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Original Soundtrack.


The layout of the game is interesting as well as you do missions in territories. (...)It’s an interesting shooter to say the least. The game has a cool style and the gunfights are a blast.
- Android-apps
Oddland brings the exciting world of post-apocalyptic pistol duels to smartphones. The pistol duels use a unique control scheme.
- Digital Spy
8.5/ 10

The character designs are phenomenal and bursting at the seems with personality.If you’re looking for a completely new Freemium experience than you won’t regret checking this out.
- App Store Arcade